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Re: Paged Results Control patch (ITS#2189)

> to reuse a big chunk of code we might introduce a new type
> of limit in the limits stuff (see slapd.conf(5) "limits"
> and servers/slapd/limits.c); I'm thinking of a
> limits anonymous size.pr=10 size.pr=noEntriesLeft
> to limit the size of the page a specific user might request
> and to hide the number of entries left.
> This would lead to a higher granularity of the page size
> (the RFC states it cannot exceed the sizelimit imposed by
> the server; since slapd enforces limits on a per user basis,
> in this way we may allow a higher granularity.

I've committed a quick hack that implements this;
moreover, I think I've found a leak in back-bdb/search.c
where a ber was not freed after flattening.


Pierangelo Masarati