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Re: Re: segfaults with 2.0.27 (ITS#2167)

John Morrisey <jwn@horde.net> wrote:
>On Tue, Nov 12, 2002 at 03:13:42PM -0800, Kurt D. Zeilenga wrote:
>% Unfornately, without additional information, I do not see how
>% this problem can be readily reproduced.  As there is no clear
>% indication that there is a bug in OpenLDAP Software (the problem
>% could easily be elsewhere), this report will be closed.  If
>% you later find information that is clearly indicative of a
>% bug in OpenLDAP Software, please open a new report.
>I'm not sure how I can more conclusively indicate that this is a problem
>with OpenLDAP. I was running 2.0.25. I upgraded to 2.0.27, using the same
>autoconf arguments, same versions of gdbm, etc. slap* starts segfaulting. I
>back 2.0.27 out to exactly the same version I had been running (with the
>same DB environment, at that!) and the slaptools stop segfaulting. My
>configuration did not change. My libraries did not change. I think I've been
>very clear on this.  These systems have run OpenLDAP 2.0.x since 2.0.7.

You have been clear on describing the behavior you are seeing.
Maybe I wasn't clear in my reply.  While the information you
provide is suggestive, I (nor likely no other OpenLDAP developer)
cannot determine the exact cause of the problem.

That cause may well be a bug in OpenLDAP Software.  But, at present,
the information provided is not conclusive.  It certainly isn't
indicative of the particular of any software bug nor indicative
of what remedies might be appropriate.

>You also state that the bug could be elsewhere, but do not state where.
>Where? Where can I look?

It could be most anything.  Basically, someone needs to dig further
and find some piece of information that will lead us to the
specific cause of the problem.  Once the specific cause is discovered,
a remedy can be fashioned.

As the core file is the biggest piece of information you have, I
would suggest you start by poking about with a debugger to
determine exactly why the process segfault.

>What "additional information" do you want that I didn't provide?

Detail information would which allow a developer to duplicate
the problem on their system.  (Note that duplication on their
system is very important as open source developers are generally
most interested in problems that affect them.  If the problem is
only found on your system, then you may find it hard to find
free help.)

>Honestly Kurt, if you want me to help you, then you need to
>tell me what you want.

I though it was you who asked for help...