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Re: segfaults with 2.0.27 (ITS#2167)

Unfornately, without additional information, I do not see how
this problem can be readily reproduced.  As there is no clear
indication that there is a bug in OpenLDAP Software (the problem
could easily be elsewhere), this report will be closed.  If
you later find information that is clearly indicative of a
bug in OpenLDAP Software, please open a new report.

Thanks, Kurt

At 12:59 PM 2002-11-12, jwm@horde.net wrote:
>All I can say is that all three machines were working fine with 2.0.25. When
>I upgraded to 2.0.27, slapd/slapindex started to segfault after a fairly
>short amount of time. Downgrading these machines to 2.0.25 (with the same
>DBM files) fixed the situation and all three have been running well since
>they were downgraded (at least a couple weeks ago).
>I'm not sure what else to add; everything else remained the same save for
>the upgrade from 2.0.25 -> 2.0.27.