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Re: SLAPI (ITS#2073)

> Ando,
> With this patch, we are only offering plugins for PerOperation,
> PostOperation and ExtendedOperation. Per Netscape definition, these
> plugins must be associated with a particular backend. And that is why I
> put the plugin directive in back-ldbm/config.c and back-bdb/config.c
> rather than slapd/config.c. If you can put the directive in
> slapd/config.c and still meet the Netscape requirement, well that is
> great.

See this patch :)


> We should support plugins with all backends. I am just short on time.

Me too; I haven't been able to test the plugins because I've hit
some malloc bug which inhibits the loading of the plugin.  I hope
to find something more in the next days.  If I succeed, I expect
to commit by the end of the week, so someone else will play with it.


Pierangelo Masarati