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Re: SLAPI (ITS#2073)

I have another question; I see you explicitly
recompile some slapi stuff into back-ldbm and
back-bdb only to allow "plugin" directive into
backend specific directive blocks; I'd prefer
(and I actually did it, I'll post a new revised
patch ASAP) to move "plugin" directives into
slapd/config.c and to check that it is used
inside the appropriate blocks by adding a
SLAP_BFLAG_SLAPI flag to those backends that
actually support slapi (BTW, is there any reason
not to support slapi inside the other backends?
I understand most of them, including back-shell
and back-ldap/meta could be rewritten in terms
of slapi plugins, but this is another question ...)


Pierangelo Masarati