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Re: SLAPI (ITS#2073)


I've uploaded a patch to


which includes the porting of your submission
to current HEAD code and some fixes.  Among these
you should carefully review "slapi_ops.c" because
there is a number of pointers that are used
uninitialized (significantly the pointer to the
Backend structure, "be"). Other fixes are related
to slapi API functions, like the (apparently)
inconsistent use of slapi_strlen()/slapi_ch_stlen()
(none of which is defined).  I also get very scary
warnings from libtool because you statically link
some libtmpslapd.a to libslapi (if I get it correctly)
in an unportable manner.

Note that I didn't check the functionality of SLAPI
itself (this will require a little more); I only
verified that I can compile OpenLDAP safely and
that the usual tests run OK.

In case you think my changes are appropriate, send
me a note (or a patch with further fixes) and I'll
commit everything.

Of course, any other comment or review is welcome
before I actually commit the patch.


Pierangelo Masarati