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Re: JDNI allows non-schema changes (ITS#2151)

At 10:29 AM 2002-10-25, quanah@stanford.edu wrote:
>Ah, hm, I think I see what you are saying.   Currently, suPerson does not 
>have the following objectclasses as MUSTS (although they really are 
>required for it to be a valid suPerson entry):

The language you use above I find a bit confusing.  An objectClass
cannot MUST another objectClass, it can only inherit properties
of another objectClass (or "subclass") using the SUP (superior)

I assume you mean that suPerson subclasses directly or indirectly
from the following classes.

>So, we should have those as MUSTS in the suPerson entry for the add I 
>showed you to fail, correct?

Rewording this "So, we should list SUPeriors of suPerson
as values of the entry's objectClass attribute, correct?"
No, it is not necessary to list SUPeriors of objectClass
values as any unlisted SUPerior of suPerson is implicit.

That is, listing only 'suPerson' as a value of objectClass
is semantically equivalent to listing 'suPerson' and its
SUPeriors as values of objectClass.