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Re: sendmail.schema (ITS#2144)

At 10:23 AM 2002-10-17, scott@spacepirates.com wrote:
>Starting slapd: /usr/local/openldap/2.1.6/etc/openldap/schema/sendmail.schema:
>line 137: AttributeType inappropriate matching rule: "caseIgnoreMatch"

The schema is using a matching rule which isn't appropriate
for the attribute type's syntax.  slapd(8) now protects itself
from such schema.

Inappropriate here means either there is no specification for
how to compare values of the matching rule's assertion syntax
to the attribute type's value syntax or that slapd(8) doesn't
implement this specification.

In either case, the error is not indicative of a bug in OpenLDAP
Software.  Hence, I intend to close this report.