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modrdn to master, reject log has error (ITS#2141)

Full_Name: Darin Broady
Version: 2.1.3
OS: Irix 6.5.15, Solaris 8
Submission from: (NULL) (

I ran the ldapmodrdn command to update a DN's rdn (deleteoldrdn was specified).

The update ran successfully on the master (verified with ldapsearch).

However, when making sure that our slaves were correctly updated, I found that
were not.  Further investigation found the following error in the reject log
each of our slaves (written by slurpd):

ERROR: Invalid DN syntax
replica: slave1:389
time: 1034858850.0
dn: cn=jbobrows,ou=People,o=Lexmark,c=US
changetype: modrdn
newrdn: cn=jstone
deleteoldrdn: 1
newsuperior: (null)

This looks to be a valid replication LDIF file.  So, I am at a loss to explain
where the error actually is.  I can't figure out how to fix this one.