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Re: Patch: Implement surrogate parent for back-shell (ITS#1815)

The above patch was buggy.  Here is a patch to remove it:


If someone later reverses this patch, note:

1. The surrogate parent was started too late. make_surrogate_parent()
   should instead be called if #defined(SLAPD_SHELL) before threading
   is started in slap_init(), and the surrogate parent should be
   killed later if no shell backend is started.

2. The surrogate parent lacks a SIGCHLD signal handler (ITS#2109).
   Install main.c:wait4child() in make_surrogate_parent().

3. Check out ITS#2110.  Either that's point 1 or 2 above (maybe
   running out of processes?), or I don't know what is going on.