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Re: shtool hangs on Solaris (ITS#2134)

OpenLDAP Software incorporates GNU shtool 1.6.0 (which has
been shtoolized for our needs).  As you were able to isolate
the issue to shtool(1), the issue should be reported to the
shtool maintainers as they are better suited to diagnose the
problem and, if appropriate, provide a fix and/or workaround.
Information on shtool bug reporting can be found at

As it is not our practice to track issues in software maintained
by others, this report will be closed.  A new issue should be
opened if and when an updated shtool(1) is made available which
address this problem.


At 09:20 AM 2002-10-09, mdh@mdh.si.edu wrote:
>Full_Name: Matt Harris
>Version: 2.1.5
>OS: Solaris 8
>Submission from: (NULL) (
>The build/shtool script hangs on Solaris 8.  Not sure why.  The ./configure
>was hanging on me when I tried to run it, so I tracked down the problem to the
>TB=`$SHTOOL echo -e %B`
>TN=`$SHTOOL echo -e %b`
>in the configure script.  
>I tried running shtool manually from the command line with those same arguments,
>it also froze.  I then tried it on a FreeBSD system, and it worked perfectly
>Thanks for any help you can render, Matt.