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RE: slapd segfaults with bad LDAP URL (ITS#2132)

Howard Chu writes:
> I guess I agree with you. I've now changed it to fail instead of continue
> when bind fails.

Um... I've thinking a bit more about this:

For backwards compatibility, maybe that should be 'fail if IPv4 bind
fails'?  That's what people know about.  That's admittedly stupid since
IPv4 and IPv6 will behave differently, but it may be the best solution
for now.  Otherwise you might get bug reports from people whose IPv6
fail even though they never use or even know about IPv6.

Though my original argument still applies.  Maybe the combined options
'-4 -6' should demand both IPv4 and IPv6, and fail if either bind fails?

'fail if IPv4 fails' could be changed to 'fail if either bind fails'
when IPv6 gets more common.  Some time before that, slapd could give a
warning if -4 and/or -6 are not given, so that people who do use these
options will get no change in behaviour.