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Replication trouble while modifying an attribute of the replication root (ITS#2130)

Full_Name: Bruno Spieler
Version: 2.1.4
OS: Solaris 8
Submission from: (NULL) (

Hi * !

My configuration (simplified) is the following (I use back-bdb):

OpenLDAP Server 'rahil':
 - one back-end for the "ou=subroot,o=myroot" (subordinate)
 - one back-end for the "o=myroot"

OpenLDAP server 'rahil2': same configuration

I try to replicate the subsuffix "ou=subroot,o=myroot" : rahil is the master,
rahil2 is the slave (no multimaster option activated). So I modify both
configuration files and I run slurpd: everything looks fine (i.e. replication
does occur for entries under "ou=subroot,o=myroot") except when I try to add a
"description" attribute to the "ou=subroot,o=myroot" entry on rahil.

Slurpd complains about rahil2 response upon replication: "entryCSN: no user
modification allowed"

It seems that rahil2 does not regard "ou=subroot,o=myroot" as a replicated
entry, but slurp does.
Looking in the code, I can see that the rejection is issued in slapd/modify.c,
because it is performing the operation in the second back-end context (i.e.
"o=myroot" instead of "ou=subroot,o=myroot"): this back-end does not have a
"updatedn" statement so modification of entryCSN is forbidden.

In fact, it is the select-backend function which ignored the first
("ou=subroot,o=myroot") back-end because slurpd set manageDSAit to 1 and finally
returned the upper back-end: line 566 in [/servers/slapd/backend.c,v 1.168
2002/10/08 17:03:48]

I hope this description is clear, do not hesitate to mail me if needed.
In my case, this is not a big problem since nobody should modify the replication
root entry once the LDAP is installed.

Thanks in advance

Bruno Spieler