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RE: slapd segfaults with bad LDAP URL (ITS#2132)

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> From: Hallvard B Furuseth [mailto:h.b.furuseth@usit.uio.no]

> Howard Chu writes:
> > This is now fixed in HEAD, please test.
> Hm?  'cvs update' doesn't give me any changes.
> > You didn't specify which version of Solaris you're running.
> 5.8.
> > If you have IPv6 it probably tried to bind to both IPv4 and IPv6
> > localhost addresses.
> No, the point is that I tried to open port 389, but non-root may not
> open ports < 1000 or something.

Right, the code doesn't check for particular errno's. I am suggesting that
the reason you saw two bind error messages is because it tried twice, once
for IPv4 and once for IPv6. The code is set to loop through all the addresses
that a hostname lookup returns. It will only fail when all of the addresses
fail. If you get EADDRINUSE on one of them, but another succeeds, it will
consider this a success.

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