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Re: LDAP initial setup Problems (ITS#2125)

On Sun, Oct 06, 2002 at 05:08:38PM +0000, rthill@radiolrb.lu wrote:
> I am using Openldap with Samba together for authentication.
> But when i am using the samba.schema, I cannot insert an sn, gn, telephonnumber
> etc...

This looks like a software usage question to me rather than a bug. You
are likely to get a better respones on the openldap-software mailing

> Is there something I have misconfigured ?

You have not provided enough info for anyone to work that out, but
here is a guess:

If you are *only* using the Samba schema then you can only use
attributes that it defines. Most practical directories need at least
core.schema and may well also require cosine.schema
inetorgperson.schema and openldap.schema. Practical applications of
samba.schema are likely to require nis.schema.

Having enabled the right schema in slapd.conf you then have to use
them properly, by naming appropriate objectClasses in each object to
permit the attributes you want to use.

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