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Re: Need ability to read referrals from synchronous operations (other than search) (ITS#2121)

ITS #2121
Patch sent to /incoming/Dave-Steck-021001.patch

Files modified:
 ldap.h - Add the definition for option LDAP_OPT_REFERRAL_LIST
 ldap-int.h - Add the ld_referrals field in struct ldap and
              a prototype for ldap_value_dup()
 getvalues.c - Add internal function ldap_value_dup()
 error.c - Print referrals along with MatchedDN and Error String,
           Free old referrals and load new one into ld struct
 options.c - Add get/set option code for LDAP_OPT_REFERRAL_LIST
 unbind.c - Free the referrals data when freeing the ld handle.