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Re: back-dnssrv crashes slapd (ITS#2116)

This is believed fixed in HEAD and OPENLDAP_REL_ENG_2_1
(both available using Anon CVS).  Please test.


At 02:49 AM 2002-09-30, rick@vanrein.org wrote:
>Full_Name: Rick van Rein
>Version: 2.1.5
>OS: MacOS X
>Submission from: (NULL) (
>When configuring a DNSSRV backend as the last database, it crashes the slapd
>daemon (more precisely, it causes a panic situation) when no dc components are
>The command
>   ldapsearch -h localhost -b 'o=OpenFortress,c=NL'
>asks for a non-supported suffix on my machine; the DNSSRV backend doesn't know
>how to relay this request, and ends the slapd with the following final messages
>(-d 15):
>   => ldap_bv2dn(o=OpenFortress,c=NL,0)
>   <= ldap_bv2dn(o=OpenFortress,c=NL,0)=0
>   DNSSRV: dn="o=OpenFortress,c=NL" -> domain=""
>   dnssrv.c:181: failed assertion `domain != NULL'
>   daemon: select: listen=6 active_threads=1 tvp=NULL
>Note: I am trying to use the backend to avoid that I need the "referral"
>configfile option to point to a dc-only root server.  I want to support
>dc-styled names as well as o/c-styled names.  That's not accounted for, it would
>Rick van Rein.