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ACL problems: (was: objectIdentifierMatch)

Changed the subject as this has nothing to do with the
objectIdentifierMatch issue previously reported.

As far as debugging your problem, I suggest you examine
logs to determine what's going here.  Enabling ACL logging
would likely be particular informative.

The only curious thing I see in your post is your comment:
>I am a member of both ldapadmin, and supervisor.  Still,
>with this setup, I cannot bind as either of them

This implies you are not authenticating as yourself but as

Or maybe you are authenticating as yourself and assuming
one of these identities.

If either of DNs is your authorization DN and its not
a member of group, then it has only "auth" access.

That is, a group is not a member of the group unless
it's explicitly listed as a member of the group.

Presently, this sounds more like a software use issue than
a software bug.