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RE: cannot add DN b/c already exists, but it doesnt

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> I am having a problem where my 90,000 entry openldap-2.0.25
> compiled on a
> RH 7.2 machine OS running db-4.1.24 on the backend.  I am
> using LDAP for
> qmail-ldap - storing email user accounts in LDAP.
> configured and installed ldap from source with only the
> --prefix=/var/ldap
> option.

2.0.25 will not work unmodified with db-4.1.24. I'll assume you patched this
and didn't mention it.

> Has anyone seen anything like this?  What is the solution?  I
> have another
> machine that I am trying to duplicate the error on and I
> cannot.

Upgrade to 2.0.26. A couple indexing bugs were found and fixed in this
(Or make that 2.0.27, which I see has just been released to correct a
configure error...)

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