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Re: Search scope (ITS#2108)

At 01:19 PM 2002-09-23, admin@adari.net wrote:
>No, all 15 tests ran successfully!

This indicates that base and subtree scope searching are
working, at least to the extent tested.  (The test suite
doesn't contain a one level search.)

> >Let me know if you need any other information.

You need to provide sufficient details so that an engineer
can duplicate the problem as well as diagnostic information
(relevant log entries).

One way to do this is to provide a modification to the test
suite which, along with descriptive information, aggravates
the problem.  I just now modified the test suite to include
a one level search, it works.  You need to detail a test
which shows the code doesn't work.

There are numerous other ways (see the ITS introductory
materials)...  key is to provide clear and concise information
which demonstrates to the engineer that there is in fact some
software issue which needs to be addressed.