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Re: New sigsegv - this one with heimdal - 2.1.5 only (was: Re: Slapd SIGSEGV during ldapsearch -Y gssapi (ITS#2101))

At 07:34 PM 2002-09-22, Miroslav Zubcic wrote:
>"Kurt D. Zeilenga" <Kurt@OpenLDAP.org> writes:
>> compile OpenLDAP --without-threads or don't use MIT Kerberos libraries.
>I have used heimdal after your sugestion (linked libgssapiv2.so, and
>OpenLDAP binaries with heimdal - checked with ldd(1) and nm(1) - there
>is no MIT libs linked there). On the first tests it worked with
>gssapi. I started 80 simultaneous connections to slapd(8) on
>PIII/500Mhz with X server and X apps, load average 38 - slapd(8) has
>*not* died _here_ this time.

This issue has been closed.

>This time situation is opposite, ldapsearch(1) is working for big and
>long searches, but this one:
>/usr/local/test/bin/ldapsearch -Y gssapi -X "u:mvz" -ZZ -LLL "(uid=mvz)" userPassword
>is giving segfault - after I get correct ldif(5) output (see end of my
>mail for trace and comparations with 2.1.4).

Separate issue, separate ITS please.

>>>If not, where should I send this bug report and trace?
>>>To MIT people or cyrus-sasl mailing list?
>> Likely the MIT folks will say "MIT Kerberos libraries are
>> not thread safe" and Cyrus folks will say "Use thread
>> safe Kerberos libraries"...
>And what OpenLDAP folks will say ? :-)

I already said it.  Use --without-threads or Heimdal.