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Re: Slapd SIGSEGV during ldapsearch -Y gssapi (ITS#2101)

Hi Kurt!

"Kurt D. Zeilenga" <Kurt@OpenLDAP.org> writes:

> IIRC, MIT Kerberos is not thread-safe.  Cyrus SASL's GSSAPI
> implementation requires a thread-safe Kerberos V libraries
> (such as those provided in Heimdal Kerberos).
> This is not viewed as an OpenLDAP Software problem.  This
> issue will be closed.

slapd(8) has died because sasl2 used his plugin libgssapiv2.so which
has (obviously) bad interaction with MIT kerberos API, and ordinary
user was using ldapsearch(1) to nuke slapd(8) that way.

Can slapd avoid/workaround this bug? If not, where should I send this
bug report and trace? To MIT people or cyrus-sasl mailing list?

Thanks for your response!

Miroslav Zubcic