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Re: BerkeleyDB 4.1.24

Release versions of OpenLDAP don't yet support Berkeley DB 4.1.
Changes to support this version of Berkeley DB were applied to
release engineering branches long ago...  suggest you give
them a whirl.


At 10:38 PM 2002-09-16, cchuang4 wrote:
>hi The new verion of BerkeleyDB(4.1.24) hange some functin. then openldap can't be ade by BerkeleyDB. I found the different elow when I make openldap BerkeleyDB's include file: b_cxx.h Berkeley 4.0.14 ersion class _exported Db { ... int open(const har *, const char *subname, DBTYPE, u_int32_t, int); .. } Berkeley 4.1.24 ersion class _exported Db { ... virtual int pen(DbTxn *txnid,   const char *, const char *subname, DBTYPE, u_int32_t, int); ... }