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PANIC: Invalid argument

openldap-2.0.25 is periodically reporting:
ldbm: ==> page 0: illegal page type or format
Aug 29 12:32:23 Ldap-1-1 slapd[5946]: ldbm: ==> PANIC:
Invalid argument

Can somebody help me to configure my system so that
this doesn't happen anymore.  I am having trouble
finding solution on this problem.  At first I thought
it was the Berkley database having problems and I
inquired for help from them.  They assured me it was
the interface or a problem with openldap interface to
their database.  Figures, they want to think their
software is perfect, yeah right.  There a problem and
I hope to solve it, with your help, of course!

What I know:  when this PANIC error occurs, slapd does
not stop, but rather, continues to take connections
and answers every search with '0 matches'.  The
consequence of this is qmail bounces all incoming
email and users cannot check mail.  I can stop slapd
manually, then start it back up again and it works
ok...  for a few hours or so, but then it PANICs again
and I have to restart manually again.  Sometimes when
it happens, I can continue to make updates, sometimes
as soon as I try to modify a record, the PANIC occurs
again immediately.  The PANIC only occurs during an
add or modification, as far as I can tell.  Once it
occurs, the only way I can get things working well
again is to delete the data completely and rebuild
from scratch.  I think it is an indexing problem. 
Should I be running slapindex frequently to avoid this
problem?  I am not running slapindex at all right now.
 I have tried running slapindex after the PANIC, but
that does not fix it.  Here is some data I have on
this issue:

Frequency of PANIC: about once a week.  Once it
occurs, the frequency turns to once every two hours or
so.  I have to completely rebuild to get it working
well again.

Number of qmailuser records: ~90,000

Number of non-qmailuser records: 3 (in other words,
this ldap database is used for qmail only)

Frequency of changes: about 1 record update per
minute, on average.  Users can modify attributes of
their mail account at whim.

OS: RH 7.1

Configured openldap-2.0.25 from source with this
./configure --prefix=/var/ldap

I use PHP-4.2.2 to make the updates to the user
records.  In most cases, I am deleteing the DN of the
user record, then adding it back in with the updated
information.  Is this bad?  Is it causing the PANICs?

Thank you for your help.  I will provide more
information upon request.


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