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Re: slapd returns different attribute name than asked for (ITS#2064)

At 11:42 AM 2002-09-03, peter.marschall@mayn.de wrote:
>When explicitely asking for an attribute that has multiple names (aliases)
>in a search, slapd does not guarantee to return the attribute name asked for. ... ldapsearch asks for "surname", nut slapd answers with "sn"

This behavior is intended.  In short, return of a standard
track name is preferred over a non-standard track name.  A
client which uses a non-standard name nor cannot handle
return of standard track names for requested attributes
is not portable.  The client should be fixed.

You are, of course, welcomed to hack schema or the code.
Here's a previously submitted (and subsequently rejected)
patch which alters OpenLDAP behavior.