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RE: kill -INT corrupts database (ITS#1982)

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> 2 new questions, thought I'd run this by you before I create ITS's
> on it to =
> see if I'm just missing something.  Note that none of these were
> problems=20
> under 2.1.3.

These questions don't belong with this ITS report. Please carry this
conversation on the openldap-software mailing list.

If you want help with the second problem, please use gdb, dbx or some other
debugger and obtain a stack trace of this crash. truss/apptrace/strace/etc...
is not useful here.

> Issue 2)  When I execute an ldapsearch on a replicant, slapd seg faults=20
> with the following errors: (note that I'm using K5 GSSAPI binds
> with Cyrus=20
> SASL).
> Incurred fault #6, FLTBOUNDS %pc =3D 0xFEDB337C
> 		siginfo: SIGSEGV SEGV_MAPERR addr=3D0x00000000
> 	Received signal #11, SIGSEGV [default]
> 		siginfo: SIGSEGV SEGV_MAPERR addr=3D0x00000000
> 		*** process killed ***