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Re: Slapadd refuses to add entries when an attribute is base64 encoded (ITS#2042)

I see no evidence that the problem you report is due to
a bug in OpenLDAP.  This appears to simply due to
providing values which don't conform to syntax constraints.

This issue will be closed.


At 01:46 AM 2002-08-23, gaofi@gaofi.com wrote:
>Full_Name: Gael
>Version: 2.0.23
>OS: linux 2.2.16
>URL: ftp://ftp.openldap.org/incoming/
>Submission from: (NULL) (
>When trying to add the entry below (see bottom) slapadd-gdbm fails.
>After running in debug mode, I could see there is a problem with the title
>I had same kind of trouble with other entries, where the probleme is reproduced
>when the attribute is encoded, (however, it's working correctly when it's the
>I had a look on the code, but could not figure out what's really happening???
>I suppose this has to do with schemacheck before unpacking the value... (but I
>am far from a openldap code guru, and I may as well be wrong)
>Any hint on this will help.
>dn: uid=psabatier, o=MyORG, c=FR
>uid: psabatier
>mail: p.sabatier@myorg.com
>cn: Patrick SABATIER
>givenname: Patrick
>title:: Q29udHL0bGUgT3DpcmF0aW9ubmVs
>facsimiletelephonenumber: 00000000000
>l: Roissy
>telephonenumber: 0000000000
>postalcode: 95703
>objectclass: organizationalPerson
>objectclass: top