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Re: Ldap Rebind and referral

This topic has been discussed repeatedly on the
software list.  Suggest you search its archives.

At 11:49 AM 2002-08-14, Sujay wrote:
> We have a master-slave configuration and on the
>client side, I am using openldap v2.0.19. When I am
>sending an ldap_modify_s request to the slave, the
>response comes back with the error "Insufficient
>Access". This is because the slave is sending the bind
>dn as an empty string and the password as null to the
> Is there a way to get the
>"Referral:<ldap_host>:<ldap_port>" information from
>the ldap APIs?? I have searched a lot, but could not
>find much information.
> Your help will be greatly appreciated!
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