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Re: Non-existent syntax referenced (ITS#2029)

Kurt D. Zeilenga wrote:
 > At 04:04 AM 2002-08-17, michael@stroeder.com wrote:
 >>The following attribute type declaration references a
 >>non-existent syntax OID:
 >>( NAME 'teletexTerminalIdentifier' DESC 'RFC2256:
 >>Teletex Terminal
 >>Identifier' SYNTAX )
> slapd(8) doesn't publish syntaxes it doesn't support.

But the schema is incomplete if non-existent syntaxes are referenced.

There are several options:
- drop attribute type 'teletexTerminalIdentifier' completely from
   OpenLDAP schema files
- define another syntax supported by OpenLDAP for
   'teletexTerminalIdentifier' if appropriate
- add support for the syntax

Otherwise schema-aware clients have really a hard time to get it 

Ciao, Michael.