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Re: err=20 when rdn attr name is different that attr name in object (ITS#1997)

At 10:10 AM 2002-08-07, kmccarthy@senets.com wrote:
>I was using JNDI interface from Java. When DN used mixed case in RDN and 
>attribute name in object was all lower, got err=20. Changed RDN attr to 
>all lower case and problem was fixed.

So, it's not an ldapadd(1) bug but a JNDI bug (or one in your
JNDI application).

The client is sending a malformed LDAP Add Request PDU.
The client generated PDU includes two versions of the
same attribute in violation of the protocol and its data
model.  The client should be fixed.

>This exact code worked fine w/ 2.0.18, and only flared up when I upgraded 
>to 2.1.2.

Yes, we fixed a number of bugs which unintentionally
allowed non-standard behavior.