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RE: Solaris configure errors (ITS#1972)

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> (i) --with-tls uses $ac_cpp to test for ssl headers.  If the
> openssl headers are
> stored in a non-standard include directory, eg. /usr/local/ssl/include (
> precompiled binaries from sunfreeware.com puts them in there ),
> but specified
> with the CFLAG env. variable and -I, then the header files are
> still not found.
> The user has to specify the CPPFLAGS environment variable to specify the
> location of the OpenSSL header files.  The other options do not
> seem to have
> that issue.

Since it is the C PreProcessor that processes header files, CPPFLAGS is
the correct variable to use for "-I/path" arguments, not CFLAGS. All the
examples documenting the use of additional header file paths use CPPFLAGS.
There is no bug here in either the build or the documentation.

> (ii) If the -L and -I are specified in the CFLAG env. variable in
> the form "-I
> /path/to/includes" and "-L /path/to/libs" instead of
> "-I/path/to/includes" and
> "-L/path/to/libs", then the compile fails in ldap/libraries/liblunicode.

Since it is the Linker that processes library search paths, LDFLAGS is
the correct variable to use for "-L/path" arguments, not CFLAGS. This
proper usage is also already documented. The whitespace issue may be a
bug in the build scripts, but common practice is not to use the whitespace.

If you can append a snippet of the make output showing the build failure,
that would be useful. However, since this problem is so easily worked around,
(don't use whitespace) I don't see it as a high priority to get fixed.

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