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RE: Use of internal OpenSSL function 'ssl3_send_alert()' causes build errors on WIN32 (ITS#1955)

don't be so quick to close the issue Howard...

The function is not documented in any of the OpenSSL API, AFAIK either.

I will do as you suggested and ask OpenSSL group.


> I suggest you file a bug report @ OpenSSL.org saying this function is
> missing from their DLL's .def file. The function in question is not
> static or private,
> and the code works on Unix as well as Win32 using MinGW. In the
> meantime, you can manually add the missing function to your .DEF file
> and rebuild your OpenSSL DLLs. This ITS will be closed since it is not
> an OpenLDAP bug.
>  -- Howard Chu
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>> Subject: Use of internal OpenSSL function 'ssl3_send_alert()' causes
>> build errors on WIN32 (ITS#1955)
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>> I tried raising this issue once before.
>> http://www.openldap.org/lists/openldap-devel/200205/msg00063.html
>> ssl3_send_alert() is not exported by the OpenSSL libraries and
>> thus causes a
>> build error on WIN32.  But I think using an undocumented API in
>> the security
>> code is still and issue on other platforms.
>> I am not very familar with the OpenSSL API, so excuse me if it's my
>> mistake.
>> --Kervin