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RE: POSIX dir browsing breaks MSVC build with TLS (ITS#1954)

take a not so quick glance :)

+#ifdef WIN32
+		do
+        {
+			filename = c_file.name;
+			if( ! (c_file.attrib & _A_NORMAL ) )
+				continue;

Kurt has told me that we can't use 3rd party code.  Plus emulating these
three functions to the point where they can be used as drop-in
replacements would be a sizeable amount of work.

I basically submitted this patch for prosperity.  In case someone else ran
into the issue.


> After a quick glance, your suggested Win32 code will not work anyway
> since it doesn't specify the directory path to scan for cert files.
> This code works on Win32 using MinGW, which presumably supplies an
> opendir/readdir-style wrapper for FindFirstFile. I suggest you write a
> patch for MSVC along those lines and throw it into liblutil. The patch
> provided in this ITS is unusable.
>  -- Howard Chu
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>> libraries/libldap/tls.c in get_ca_list( char * bundle, char * dir )
>> function
>> POSIX functions opendir, readdir, and closedir are not available on
>> WIN32. findfirst, findnext, and findclose can be used as substitutes.
>> Here's a preliminary and untested patch.  I'm sorry but I can't
>> test it right
>> now.