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Re: invalid structural object class chain (ITS#1950)

This entry doesn't fulfill all data model requirements
enforced by OpenLDAP 2.1.  This has been discussed on
the software list and is not viewed as a bug.


At 01:43 AM 2002-07-16, J.Campbell@bham.ac.uk wrote:
>Full_Name: Jim Campbell
>Version: 2.1.2
>OS: Solaris 2.6
>URL: ftp://ftp.openldap.org/incoming/
>Submission from: (NULL) (
>I am getting a strange error having upgraded to 2.1.2 from 2.0.18 when trying
>to restore my database using slapadd having saved using slapcat.
>Testing with adding a single entry using "ldapadd" which used to work fine
>------------- entry to be added -------------------
>dn: uid=jc,ou=People,dc=NP,dc=PH,dc=BHAM,dc=AC,dc=UK
>uid: jc
>cn: Jim Campbell
>givenName: Jim
>sn: Campbell
>mail: jc@np.ph.bham.ac.uk
>mailRoutingAddress: jc@np.ph.bham.ac.uk
>mailHost: np.ph.bham.ac.uk
>objectClass: inetLocalMailRecipient
>objectClass: person
>objectClass: organizationalPerson
>objectClass: inetOrgPerson
>objectClass: account
>objectClass: posixAccount
>objectClass: top
>objectClass: kerberosSecurityObject
>objectClass: shadowAccount
>userPassword: {crypt}.dh4A2U3NxvHU
>shadowLastChange: 10702
>krbName: jc@NP.PH.BHAM.AC.UK
>loginShell: /bin/csh
>uidNumber: 20
>gidNumber: 10
>homeDirectory: /home/jc
>gecos: Jim Campbell
>-------------- end of entry --------------------------------------
>adding new entry "uid=jc,ou=People,dc=NP,dc=PH,dc=BHAM,dc=AC,dc=UK"
>ldapadd: update failed: uid=jc,ou=People,dc=NP,dc=PH,dc=BHAM,dc=AC,dc=UK
>ldap_add: Object class violation (65)
>        additional info: invalid structural object class chain
>which is the same error as the bulk entry problem. It seems to be related to
>the "account" object class. Have there been changes to the schema which would
>affect this.