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RE: (ITS#1903)

At 05:29 PM 2002-06-24, dhighley@highley-recommended.com wrote:
>Okay, if Solaris is broken or my environment as some have indicated. Why
>is it that I have no problems building any of these other applications,
>oh and I hope this gets the point across that configure for openldap
>needs work!:

Seems you like to change your environment frequently:

That's plenty of explanation.  But likely the problem is that
you are relying more on your past experiences with other
configure scripts, than reading the documentation for this
configure script.  While there are certainly some common
expectations of these scripts, one key one is that each
script is custom.

We've stated quite clearly that our configure script expects
a sane build environment.  If you environment isn't sane,
our configure script won't attempt to sort it out (like some
other scripts do).

Your config.log indicated a environment problem.  Specifically,
CC appears to be set to an empty string.  While OpenLDAP
configure script could have been more resilient in checking
for such garbage, I don't consider this a bug.  However, I
will enhance our configure script to check for an empty
CC variable and treat this as a fatal error.

Please note that I haven't said that OpenLDAP configure doesn't
have bugs.  I've only aid that you haven't provided sufficient
information for developers to conclude there is a bug.