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Re: (ITS#1903)

At 03:43 PM 2002-06-24, dhighley@highley-recommended.com wrote:

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>> Kurt D. Zeilenga wrote:
>> Your post is unclear as to the nature of your problem.
>> It sounds like you are just having trouble adjusting your
>> environment so that your compiler tool chain finds and
>> uses all the packages you'd like it use.  Such issues
>> are not software bugs, but software use issues.
>> If you believe you actually have discovered a bug in
>> the software (that is, it behaves in a manner inconsistent
>> with its design and/or documentation), please provide
>> enough information so that a developer can reproduce
>> the problem.
>I build at least one open source application a day.  This configure
>process is broken. See the attached config.log file. I checked several
>of the header files it is testing for and they were all in /usr/include.

 From my examination of your config.log, it appears that my
initial conclusion was correct.  That is, your environment
is apparently hosed.  As I don't see any indication of a
bug in OpenLDAP Software, this issue report will be closed.