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Re: adding entries very slow in 2.1.2 (ITS#1901)

While the new DN code is certainly more expensive than
the old DN code, I would suspect that the visible
slow down is due to excessive logging.  I've trimmed
this in HEAD.


At 10:08 AM 2002-06-21, Thomas.Reith@rhoen.de wrote:
>Full_Name: Thomas Reith
>Version: 2.1.2
>OS: linux
>URL: ftp://ftp.openldap.org/incoming/
>Submission from: (NULL) (
>I have some large groupOfUniqueNames entries with thousands
>of uniqueMember attributes.
>with openldap versions 2.0.x there was no problem adding those
>entries very fast. but with 2.1.2 it takes 10 or more times
>longer adding those entries/attributes
>>>> dnPretty: <cn=xxx,ou=people,ou=de,dc=edag,dc=com>
>=> ldap_bv2dn(cn=xxx,ou=people,ou=de,dc=edag,dc=com,0)
><= ldap_bv2dn(cn=xxx,ou=people,ou=de,dc=edag,dc=com,0)=0
>=> ldap_dn2bv(272)
><= ldap_dn2bv(cn=xxx,ou=people,ou=de,dc=edag,dc=com,272)=0
><<< dnPretty: <xxx,ou=people,ou=de,dc=edag,dc=com>
>for every uniqueMember attribute these lines are displayed
>in the logfile.
>I use "LDAP_MOD_BVALUES" in the ldap_modify() calls.
>Do I have to change something in the way using ldap_modify(),
>or is it a problem of the functions above?
>Thomas Reith