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Re: send_search_entry aborts b/c ber_flush fails with errno=0 (ITS#1891)

At 05:49 AM 2002-06-19, bestorga@us.ibm.com wrote:
>      slapd[18648]: ber_flush failed errno=0 reason="Success"
>      slapd[18648]: send_ldap_response: ber write failed

This generally occurs when ber_flush has in fact failed,
but that the failure didn't result in a change to the
errno.  While the message above should be improved, I
am reluctant to change errno zero to be a non-fatal
error.  More digging is needed.

I note you are using 2.0.15.  This version is quite old.
IIRC, there has been some changes to these routines
in 2.1.2 ("release") and, maybe 2.0.25 ("stable").  I
suggest you upgrade to one of these before digging

If you using a custom backend, 2.0.25 may be the
better choice as 2.1 uses an updated interface.