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Re: Non-unique msgid for abandon in back-<shell,tcl> (ITS#1793)

Here is a patch which does what I described:


Of course, someone has to decide if that is the right solution:-)
- Add an "opid:" line to the input to back-shell commands.
- Add an "abandonid: <opid> line to back-shell/abandon input.
- Replace message id with opid in back-tcl arguments.
- Add an abandonid = <opid> argument to back-tcl/abandon.

An opid (operation ID) is a "connection ID/message ID" string.  I
would have liked to use another name to avoid confusion with struct
slap_op->o_opid, but I could not think of another apt word.

This also fixes ITS#1784 and ITS#1792.  Since calling conventions
changed anyway, I fixed back-shell by adding abandonid: and making
opid: always be the ID of the current operation.