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RE: segfault in ldap_unbind() (ITS#1799)

I ran into this problem with Cyrus 2 a couple days ago and patched it.
Apparently the issue was not specific to Cyrus 2 though, it was also a
problem for Cyrus 1. I've updated the patch to work for both Cyrus 1 and 2

By the way, if you've been following openldap-devel you should have already
seen my reports on Cyrus 2.1.2 being too broken for use. If you're only
using DIGEST-MD5 it will work OK, but if you want to use GSSAPI or EXTERNAL,
forget it. I've submitted patches to the Cyrus team and most of them are
incorporated in their CVS now. I'm using the Cyrus CVS version for my own
testing now.

  -- Howard Chu
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> Howard Chu wrote:
> > You didn't mention which version of the SASL library you used.
> It looks like
> > 1.5. Is that correct?
> >
> Yes, that is true. 1.5.27 ( latest 1.x version ).  The problem goes away
> with 2.1.2
> My program linked against -lsasl instead of -lsasl2 .  OpenLDAP
> libraries are probably expecting the sasl it was compiled against, the
> 2.x library.
> Thanks,
> --Kervin