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Re: Missing documentation (ITS#1749)

Here is patch #3:
Descripe the input and output to back-shell commands, add an example
to slapd.conf.5, reformat after I learned more nroff, and a bit more.
If you wish to inspect the textual (non-formatting) changes, I suggest
`diff -w'.

This may be my final back-doc patch, or close to it.  I won't be writing
slapd-dnssrv(5).  I expect a lot of the back-meta documentation should
be moved to slapd-ldap(5), but I don't know how much - I'd have to learn
both back-ldap and back-meta better to find out.  A lot about rewriting,
I suppose.  And how about databases with multiple URIs and a baseDN as
part of the URI - is that a meta thing, or back-ldap too?

BTW, thanks for actually _reading_ the last patch; I've clearly been a
bit too fast with cut&paste.  Hopefully I've been more careful this