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Re: lpadadd: buggy failure: "add: attribute type undefined" (ITS#1782)


> This is not indicative of a bug in OpenLDAP.  In both cases,
> the modification would result in an entry which did not
> conform to the subschema and, hence, are disallowed.

i has searched a long time in the google newsarchiv for such add-actions 
and found a few postings with several examples like

add: <attribut>
<attribut>: <value>
add: <attribut>
<attribut>: <value>
add: <attribut>
<attribut>: <value>

and in the respnes there never was written that this syntax is incorrect.
In the openldap faqomatic is no example for adding lines to a record, so I 
thougt this would be a bug.

Today I found out, that the correct syntax is:
add: <attribut1> <attribut2> <attribut3>
<attribut1>: <value1>
<attribut2>: <value2>
<attribut3>: <value3>

Perhaps there could be such example added to the manual/faq ?

Reiner Keller
Deutsche Lebens-Rettungs-Gesellschaft e.V.
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http://www.DLRG.de/                                Keller@DLRG.de