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Re: Missing documentation (ITS#1749)

Here is 1st pass at the backend documentation patch:
Feedback welcome.  Mostly I've just manified existing text.

The patch needs to be touched up, so I'll be updating it now and then.
I present it now since you may be about to release 2.1.0beta.  Please
send me a note with the version number of the patch when it is applied.
Then I'll switch to making a patch to the patch.

Bug: Several EXAMPLE sections refer to files or directory trees with
examples in the source.  That's bad, I think these should be copied to
ETCDIR/examples/.  I can do that for Unix `Makefile.in's (with cp -r),
but I don't know how to do it for Windows/Cygwin.  (Or if it should be
done at all.  Are manual pages installed for Windows?)

I'm writing a cursory slapd-ldap(5) manpage, but I need to know:
What is binddn and bindpw used for?  I know they are for "groups",
but I don't know what that means - except it has something to do
with ACLs.