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Re: NEW_LOGGING bugs (ITS#1730)

Here are some more.

These statements should use use LDAP_LEVEL_*, not LDAP_DEBUG_*:

back-meta/bind.c:427:			LDAP_LOG(( "backend", LDAP_DEBUG_ANY,
back-monitor/init.c:525:	LDAP_LOG(( "config", LDAP_DEBUG_CONFIG,

Typo - "oEPration" should be "oPEration":

slapd/delete.c:69:		LDAP_LOG(( "oepration", ...

Typo - "cofig" should be "config":

slapd/config.c:2166:			   LDAP_LOG(( "cofig", ...

slurpd/ldap_op.c has 5 statements of the form
	LDAP_LOG (( " ldap_op", LDAP_LEVEL_ERR, ... ))
with a superfluous space in the first argument.