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Re: core dump when load modules (ITS#1758)

It is not obvious to me that this core dump is evidence of
a bug in OpenLDAP Software.   Seems this problem would
be more appropriately referred to the developers of
the radiusd and/or the rlm_ldap module.


At 03:40 AM 2002-04-17, maohua0831@sohu.com wrote:
>Full_Name: maohua
>Version: 0.4
>OS: aix
>URL: ftp://ftp.openldap.org/incoming/
>Submission from: (NULL) (
>hi all
>      i compiled freeradius on aix4.3.3 things goes ok after i read some faq,but
>when i run ./radiusd -X it's coredumped. i debug the c code ,found that in
>modules.c  there are some like:
>        /*
>        *       Call the module's instantiation routine.
>        */
>        if ((node->entry->module->instantiate) &&
>                        ((node->entry->module->instantiate)(inst_cs,
>                        &node->insthandle) < 0)) {
>                radlog(L_ERR|L_CONS,
>                                "radiusd.conf[%d]: %s: Module instantiation failed.\n",
>                                cf_section_lineno(inst_cs), instname);
>                free(node);
>                return NULL;
>        }
>these code call a module for example rlm_ldap's ldap_instantiate,but as soon as
>call rad_malloc ,it's coredumped. every module has the problem,so why? need your
>help,thanks for any help,you are so kind