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Re: Re-configure without restarting server (ITS#1741)

filipe@procergs.rs.gov.br wrote:
> Full_Name: Filipe Brandenburger
> Version: 2.0.7
> OS: FreeBSD
> URL:
> Submission from: (NULL) (
> Software Enhancement. I would like to see a way in OpenLDAP to change the
> configuration of the server without having to bring it down. For example, I
> would like to be able to turn on or off the logging while the server is running.
> I suggest something like the popular "kill -HUP" to tell the server to re-read
> its configuration file, as it works with inetd, Apache, etc.

This has been discussed many times (search the archives); it cannot be
safely because of ACLs, so the server should stop answering requests
the new configuration is entirely read and everything is set up, so the 
difference between a restart and a stop/start would be unnoticeable.

If all you need is change the log level, try 2.1alpha; such feature 
is implemented by means of the monitor backend (see the README 
in servers/slapd/back-monitor).  I suggest using the HEAD code 
which includes a number of minor fixes since the 2.1alpha was released.


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