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Re: Bugs or not a bugs???

"SMEAD Patrick James (BGCF)" wrote:
> Hi, sorry for the inconvenient, but I got a little pbs. I have a
> software that send request to my openldap server with this filter
> (filter that I can't change) : objectclass=group* So with an openLDAP
> 1.2 it works but I test it with openldap 2.0.23 and 2.0.11-8 and it
> doesn't work! If someone has an idea? Is it a bug in the LDAP Filter
> implementation, or did I made (probably) something wrong!

The filter resolves to undefined because the objectClass attribute
does not support any substring match rule.  There's no bug in the 
software, the filter is messy and this results in no search result,
with no error either.


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