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Re: ber_bvstrdup("") returns pointer to freed memory (ITS#1662)

At 08:08 AM 2002-03-23, Pierangelo Masarati wrote:
>the code in HEAD (and 2.1 alpha) has been completely reworked,
>so this fix doesn't affect it;
>on anouther note, I've been applying most of the fixes to the
>trivial problems you issued today; I'll check the non-trivial
>fixes before committing them; for those fixes that affect 2.0.X
>they're "out of my scope".

I've also sent Hallvard a note that he is free to come
"out of retirement" at any time.  That is, commit privs
are his for the asking.

>I think this bug needs to be fixed in 2.0.X unless 2.1 becomes 
>stable in short times.  Do you mind if I go ahead and fix it?

That's fine.

I'm going to try to get 2.1beta out this week....