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slapd abort in (ITS#1655)

Full_Name: Alfred Keller
Version: 2.0.23
OS: Win 2000
URL: ftp://ftp.openldap.org/incoming/
Submission from: (NULL) (

When a slapd client opens and closes connections to slapd in short intervals,
then slapd frequently aborts at the following code line:

ber_sockbuf_ctrl( Sockbuf *sb, int opt, void *arg )
	Sockbuf_IO_Desc		*p;
	int			ret = 0;

	assert( sb != NULL );                <<<<<<<<<<<<<<< here
	assert( SOCKBUF_VALID( sb ) );
--- snip ----

The calling function is:

static Connection* connection_get( ber_socket_t s )

  for(i=0; i<dtblsize; i++) {
    ber_sockbuf_ctrl( connections[i].c_sb,            
			LBER_SB_OPT_GET_FD, &sd );     <<<<<<<< called here
    if( connections[i].c_struct_state == SLAP_C_UNINITIALIZED ) {
      assert( connections[i].c_conn_state == SLAP_C_INVALID );   
      assert( connections[i].c_sb == 0 );               <<<<<<<< look here !
----- snip -----

Something is wrong here because at 'look here' you see that under some
conditions connections[i].c_cb is expected to be 0, but in the call to
ber_sockbuf_ctrl a few lines above the value of connections[i].c_cb may never be
0??? (assert in ber_sockbuf_ctrl).

By the way, our application runs fine when we call ber_sockbuf_ctrl *after* the
'if'-block in function connection_get. Be we can't say if this is the correct
way to fix the problem.