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Re: slurpd + TSL on Solaris ignores TLS_RANDFILE (ITS#1613)

* Kurt@OpenLDAP.org
> slurpd should be using TLS_RANDFILE as set via ldap.conf,
> not via slapd.conf.

Why is this, really?  It seems counter-intuitive, as slurpd does read
slapd.conf anyway.  Worse, it doesn't seem to work, either, as a truss
on a box where I had this exact problem reveals that slurpd tries to
open $HOME/.rnd and /dev/urandom before it reads either ldap.conf or

I moved ldap_pvt_tls_init() in servers/slurpd/main.c:main() down to
after slurpd_read_config, and slurpd with TLS and EGD-randomness works
like a charm for me now.